The largest student trip for LGBTQ+

18th-21st June
Rotterdam and Amsterdam

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Holland and Proud

Rainbowdam is the utlimate social for LGBTQ+ Societies. Meet students from similar societies and embark on the adventure of a lifetime, to one of the world's most forward thinking countries!

Explore the Netherlands

We'll take you to both Amsterdam and Rotterdam, two of the Netherlands biggest and most vibrant cities! Rotterdam is full of culture and home to Europes largest port. Its known for its stunning architecture, lively nightlive and waterside attractions. Amsterdam is the Capital of the Netherlands and hosts an impressive collection of world class museums, one of the biggest canal networks in Europe and a great selection of Coffee shops!

Celebrate in Style

Be proud of who you are! Here at Rainbowdam, we are dedicated to celebrating you, embracing diversity and having a good time! Sexuality isn't and shouldnt be a label, and Rainbowdam ensures a safe and judgement free place to be your true-fabulous-selves!

Meet awesome friends

Join the biggest social for LGBT+ groups and you can't help but make friends that'll last a lifetime! Get to know each other on our famous Rainbowdam bar crawl, or explore the sites of Rotterdam and Amsterdam together.

Super Comfy Coach
City Centre Hostel
Full day trip to Amsterdam
Rainbowdam bar crawl
Expert reps to guide your trip

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We are not taking any more bookings for this trip.


After meeting at our London pickup point, you can kick back and relax on one of our super comfy coaches. We’ll be leaving London at 10pm and head down to Dover where we will get a night sailing across the Channel.


You'll arrive in Rotterdam in the morning and can drop your bags off at the hostel before spending a day in Rotterdam. We'll give some information about the best places to go, see and do, so you get the best out of the city! In the evening join us for a legendary bar crawl through Rotterdam! Home to lively contempory bars, LGBTQ+ clubs, Rotterdam is sure not too dissapoint!


Enjoy a free breakfast at the hostel and then jump on the coach to Amsterdam! You'll spend the whole day here, be sure to check out some of the best museums, take a canal cruise or even hire a bike to see more of the city! Again, we'll show you the best places to see so you get the most of out this vibrant city! We'll head back on the coach to Rotterdam in the evening (its only about an hour) leaving plenty of time to explore the nightlife in Rotterdam some more.


Enjoy a last morning in Rotterdam, grab some lunch before heading back to the coach and back to London. We'll be back in London around 10pm.


ROOM Hostel

In the centre of Rotterdam sits ROOM Hostel, a one of a kind 'themed hostel'. Every room in this art deco building is different, so it is the perfect place for Rainbowdam to celebrate being different.

More than just a hostel

ROOM Hostel will be our base, but it is so much more than just a hostel. Everyone gets free breakfast, and the Dutch like their breakfast sweet (eg. a national dish is chocolate sprinkles on toast), so just go nuts and get some cavities.

As the day turns into night, the hostel bar becomes the centre for our Rainbowdam nightlife and is the ideally start location for our bar crawl.

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Secure your place with
a £40 deposit

We are not taking any more bookings for this trip.